Strava Update

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A year to go...

So it was with bated breath I watched the 2012 Marathon Des Sables unfold. I was mainly watching the end of day videos on the Darbaroud website looking at the photos and keeping track of the results, particularly keeping an eye on the progress of Jen Salter and Rory Coleman who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Jurassic Coast challenge a few weeks ago. Jen finished 4th female overall in the end and 38th in the overall field which is a stunning result and Rory coming in 226th. I think between them they have run 14 or 15 MDS so I will be paying them a visit sometime this year to get tips on packing my rucksack the lightest and other essential info to aid my desert vacation! :)

The last few weeks my focus has switched to the Mont St Michel marathon on May 13th in France. I have been getting the miles in both on trail and road to mix it up and have one long run left before the taper down to the race. I feel the most prepared I have felt for a race to be honest and have been logging good road times so hope to finish in the sub 3 hour 30 mark, although you cant account for what goes on on the day! I have read up on the MSM marathon and it appears that it is a flat course with the only stumbling block being the potential for headwind, which if this occurs will be with you for the whole 26 miles! I am of course no stranger to the wind, as I am sure anyone who ran the whole winter will attest (is it me or has this winter/spring been particularly windy?) so am not too worried about running into a head wind, but a wind assisted marathon time would be nice.. So we will see on the day.

Training has been going well on an off road, with training runs along the cliff paths helping to build leg strength and building supporting muscles as well as endurance. My ultimate short term goal is the Round the Rock ultra here in Jersey in July which is 48 miles around the island here. I hope to improve on last years time of 9 hours 25 by making it within the 8 hour mark, I have a competent plan in place and hope that as long as I follow this I will be in a good position to achieve my goal.