Strava Update

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jersey Trail Race Series

This morning I took part in a 10km trail race along some of Jersey's most picturesque and steep trails. Not only was it an early start (8am race start, early for me on a Sunday anyway!) but I also played a gig last night with the band I play with til 1am, so by the time I got home, calmed down and actually got to sleep, I managed about 3 and a half hours rest til I had to get up and get motivated for the race. When the alarm went off this morning at 6.30 I very nearly rolled over and went back to sleep, but luckily I talked myself into getting up and getting out the door...
It was a lovely sunny morning, and when we converged in Les Platons car park on the North Coast of Jersey there were about 40 to 50 people taking part in the race. The course was cliff paths, with alot of very steep climbs, narrow paths with lots of rocks and steps and debris and then quick down hill sections.
I decided the key to the race was to get a good start so set off at a quick pace and quickly fell in with the front pack, however about a few hundred yards in I regretted this decision as I started to blow! I maintained my composure and trusted that my body would catch up with the demands placed on it and kept plugging away.. The climbs were hard work and it was hot and in places I had to walk as I couldnt see the value of running when I could make up time on the downhill... 10kms later (actually a little less but felt like 10km!) I ran up the final hill and came in at 44 mins and in 11th place overall..
It was a great morning, and the camaraderie afterwards was great, the Jersey running scene is so inclusive and friendly which is one of the things that I really love about it..