Strava Update

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ebay Bargains

So one of my character "traits" is that I cannot resist a bargain. I am an Ebay addict and consequently cannot resist buying things that "I need" on a regular basis from there. The other day I saw a pair of Inov8 Roclite 295's on there, there was 20 mins left on them, they were brand new never worn and I thought I would bid on them. I was lucky enough to get them for £35 including p&p which for a pair of trail running shoes worth £85 is a good deal in my opinion.
I wore them last Friday on my usual Friday night trail run with my colleague Spencer and found them to be really nice to run in. Compared to the Roclite 315's they were lighter, better fitting and seemed even grippier. We set a fair pace, covering 6 miles on undulating paths and tracks ranging from little ups and downs to steep gradient hills. I recommend getting a pair of these trainers as I found in road shoes running downhill on the tracks to be a risky affair with the likelihood of slipping or turning your ankle quite high. Whilst wearing the 295's I had the confidence to run freely down the tracks knowing that my feet would find grip and that they would support me.
I have noticed that trail running as a whole has really affected my running in a positive way, I am stronger, able to accelerate quicker up hills and have built up more stamina. I ran 10km's on the flat last Wednesday and felt considerably faster. I heartily recommend trail running for all the above reasons as well as the fact that it is fun..
Round the Rock training is going well, I have managed to recce alot of the route so far, I am out on Weds night to cover another 8 miles of it. The whole course is split into 13 miles of road section to start, 25 miles of cliffpaths and some more flat to finish off.. It is going to be a challenge, and whilst I am looking forward to pushing my limits once more, I wonder if I have done sufficient training to really give this a good go and to complete it within the 12 hour cutoff? I guess the next few weeks are critical and as long as I can get some good long run/walks in I will be fine..

Monday, June 20, 2011

Round The Rock Jersey Ultra Marathon

I have finally bitten the bullet and entered my first Ultra Marathon event.. I was umming and aahing about it for a few weeks because I didn't genuinely believe I would be ready for it. It is on Aug 6th and is 48 miles around this beautiful island of Jersey. It is demanding terrain, covering mostly cliffpaths. Yesterday I did a training run with some of the guys taking part, and we ran from Greve De Lecq to St Aubins which totalled just under 17 miles.. Was hard going but it was actually enjoyable, the scenery was amazing, dramatic cliff drops, beautiful green/blue sea, challenging trails and the general free feeling of being out in nature. So I kind of got coerced into entering, and so I capitulated and did it last night.

Yesterdays run was a testament that the ultra will not be easy.. I had vague ideas of running a bit walking a bit but no real concept of how hard it actually will be.. We did the 17 miles in 3 hours and I probably could have carried on had I had extra food and electrolyte etc etc, but the legs were definitely starting to hurt by then. I was pleased with the pace though, on certain stretches even towards the end we were averaging 8-8:30 min miles, which for me is great.. I now know that I have alot more training between now and then just to be psychologically ready to do it.. I have planned my long runs to take in the hardest sections of the route so that I can really prepare as well as I can.

Wish me luck over the coming weeks! :)

As an aside to this, I used SIS Rego Electrolyte on the run yesterday for the first time. I have really struggled using gels in the past and am intending to use the runs in the future to find the best way for me to refuel. I found the lime tasting electrolyte/energy drink to taste nice, and definitely gave me the energy I needed. I also discovered the Power Bar Shots, which somebody had with them. I needed a kick at the end and I took 2 of these, I will definitely be including these in my run kit next time. They taste of cola and also contain caffeine.

The website for round the rock is

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inov8 Roclite 315′s

Last night I went out for another cliffpath run, and tested out my new Inov8 Roclite 315 Trail Running Trainers. I did a quick 5.5 miles from Greve De Lecq to Devils hole and back, and it was rainy, windy and pretty bleak.

Initially I set out on tarmac, the shoes felt a little less cushioned than I was used to, and dare I say it a little slippy on the slicker tarmac. However as soon as I hit the trails I noticed a significant improvement in traction and stability compared to my Asics road trainers that I had been using. I was able to take the downhill bits with alot more confidence, and the shoe felt very light so consequently felt like i was flying up the hills. The shoes are not at all waterproof, but I dont envisage this being a problem, although I am due to do a 17 mile run tomorrow in them, and with the way the weather is currently could be the catalyst for lots of blisters. We will see.

I have also under good advice started to use the SIS REGO Recovery shakes, which as the blurb says “The re-energizing fuel with a protein-carbohydrate complex to assist your adaptation to exercise.” I thought that due to running both Thurs and Fri this week and with a 17 miler tomorrow I could do with the legs being in tip top shape. I have woken up today and have felt no aches and pains or tiredeness in the legs at all, which is hopefully down to the shake. I will monitor the use of this shake and report back.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Round The Rock Ultra Marathon Training

So I’ve got about 1 and 3/4 years til the MDS so right now I am in the process of identifying suitable events to compete in over that period of time to prepare for the MDS. On August 6th I hope to take part in the Round The Rock Ultra Marathon here in Jersey (website I am just getting into the zone with my training, having done the London Marathon in April then resting for 3 weeks after that, and then taking part in the Jersey half marathon in May, my focus is now on intensive cliff path running to prepare for the ultra marathon around the island, taking in various off-road terrain, sweeping cliff paths, golden sands and long flat sections.. This is my first foray into the Ultra world and a considerable step up from marathon distance. I have decided to employ a walk run strategy for this particular race. There is a 12 hour cut-off so haste is required, however I am pretty confident in finishing within that time if all goes ok..

Last Sunday I took part in a 5km Race, which is the first in a series of trail races here in Jersey. The weather was atrocious but still there was a good turn out of 60 or so people.. The course was hard with lots of uphill, but was very enjoyable, and I came in a credible 14th, which I was pleased with. I then did an 8 mile cliff path run, with lots of lactic acid in my legs and in driving rain and wind. It was a hard day but I am pleased that i got through the 8 miler, a definite confidence booster..

Next up is a 17 mile training run on Sunday, again taking in cliff-paths and flat. This will be a true test and if I complete this satisfactorily I will know I am in good shape for August. This is Jersey’s first ultra marathon so will be a great event to be part of.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Race Day Tomorrow

So tomorrow morning I am off to do a 5km race. I have to get up at 6.30 and the race is at 8am. Its the first of a series of cross country races and I thought it would be good to get involved as the distances increase through the series..

After the race I am then off to do a 10 mile run across the beautiful cliffpaths of Jersey in training for the Around the Rock Ultra marathon here in Jersey on August 6th. (website: The 48 mile Ultra will be my first foray into the world of running longer than marathon distance.. And to be honest I havent prepared as well as I could have. I have recently started to run the cliff paths, which is a whole new discipline, and one which I really enjoy.. It is physically demanding, and also mentally engaging as you are constantly looking where to place youre feet on the uneven surfaces.

So I think I have about 2 months or so til the 48 mile event. I am hoping that the training I did for the London marathon will stand me in good stead, and the fact I rested thoroughly after that will contribute to a fitness spike (or so I have heard??).. Tomorrow will be a good test, although gale force winds and rain is the predicted order of the day tomorrow.